Westfield Promenade’s public hearing before the City Planning Commission, scheduled for Thursday, March 26, has been cancelled by the City of Los Angeles to comply with coronavirus procedures.


Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions of the Promenade 2035 project. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to submit them on the support section of the website.

The Warner Center 2035 Plan is a City plan that was approved by the Los Angeles City Council in 2013, and established development regulations for Warner Center, including permitted land uses, density and height. It was developed by neighbors, community leaders, local businesses and Valley stakeholders over multiple years, and was informed by hundreds of community meetings and public hearings. The Warner Center 2035 Plan divides up Warner Center into different Planning areas or Districts, each with a different set of permitted and encouraged uses. Promenade 2035 is located in the “Downtown District.” The Warner Center 2035 Plan envisions the Downtown District of Warner Center as a mixed-use, transit-oriented, lively urban area to live, work and play. Density and height are encouraged in the Downtown District in part to protect nearby residential areas from new development.

Yes. Promenade 2035 was inspired by the Warner Center 2035 Plan and was designed to fit within the envelope of that vision. Although Promenade 2035 is not as dense or tall as was envisioned by the Warner Center 2035 Plan, it does help create the vibrant and transit-oriented urban center for the Valley that is so important to the Warner Center 2035 vision.

Promenade 2035 places height to appropriately blend into the existing community. The project locates height thoughtfully, with one story retail and three to four-story creative office beginning at the corner of Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Erwin Street, transitioning south to taller, 28-story buildings near existing high-rise office buildings on Oxnard Street.

Yes! Whether it's a work/live studio space, or a luxury villa, Promenade 2035 will offer a variety of apartment homes complete with some of the most sought-after amenities and life at the doorstep. To learn more, please visit the Project section. Or, sign up for additional information as it becomes available.

The Entertainment and Sports Center is one of the most exciting elements of Promenade 2035 and has created a lot of interest. We are considering a range of possibilities, all of which will be exciting for the Valley. It will be designed as a multi-use venue so it can welcome a variety of professional, community and cultural events that will add to the entertainment offerings in the Valley. Entertainment elements being considered include professional, youth and community sports events, live concerts, and performing arts.

Westfield has a long relationship with Unions and has already engaged in discussions with the Building Trades and UNITE HERE Local 11 to work on Promenade 2035, even at this early stage in the project.

Promenade 2035 is a long-term project that will be built in phases over time. The first phase of the project is expected to open in 2021, with remaining buildout in phases going forward, anticipated to end around 2033. The phasing will allow long-term tenants like AMC Theaters, PF Chang’s and The Rack to remain through their lease if desired.

Water conservation is a critical part of planning in Los Angeles and Westfield will be implementing several measures to ensure future water needs are properly addressed by expanding water conservation beyond what is required by code for Promenade 2035. Some key measures include:

  • Complying with Low Impact Development Ordinances for best practices on stormwater management, recharge and reuse including systems for capturing stormwater and treating for reuse on site
  • Designing 100% of ornamental landscaping to consist of native, adapted, California-friendly drought-tolerant species and landscape design that will minimize runoff
  • Employing recirculating water filtration equipment, solar water heating and leak monitoring for pools and spas
  • Implementing high-efficency toliets, faucets, shower heads, washers and dishwashers in residential units and throughout property

Yes, more than 5,600 parking spaces will be provided on the Promenade site, with additional off-site parking spaces made available as needed for larger events at the Entertainment and Sports Center. Promenade 2035 meets all Warner Center 2035 parking requirements for its residential, retail, office and hotel uses. For events, a City-approved Event Management Plan is required for the Project to ensure that there is sufficient parking for all events including sold-out events. In addition to its on-site parking, Westfield will secure agreements to utilize the office parking spaces directly adjacent to the Promenade site and other off-site locations, which are largely unused during weekday evenings and weekends. This will ensure that easily-accessible and sufficient parking is provided for guests.

We are at the beginning of the process and are working with all the existing tenants. Several tenants will likely be part of relocation plans to other nearby Westfield properties. While most of the Promenade building is to be removed during the Project’s initial construction phase, the AMC Theatres, PF Chang’s and The Rack will likely remain for several years.

We are at the very beginning stages of the project, but our hope is to bring established businesses together with start-ups and develop a truly synergistic place. Whether you’re looking for an artist work/live space, or Class A office space, we invite you to learn more in the Project section of the site and sign up at our support page.

Our first priority at all Westfield centers is ensuring a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for visitors, and the same will be true for the Entertainment and Sports Center. The Entertainment and Sports Center will be a family-oriented venue that is compatible with the surrounding community. Security will patrol the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with added patrols and security officers before, during and after events. The Center will have an extensive surveillance and closed-circuit TV system, monitored from a security station within the building. We work closely with LAPD at all of our properties, and will work in ongoing coordination with LAPD and LAFD on a detailed Event Security Plan for the venue.

The WC2035 Plan is based on market studies indicating very strong future demand for new office space and housing in Warner Center. There is keen interest from companies to relocate to the Valley, and specifically Warner Center, to be closer to their employees. Numerous large employers have found, based on in-house surveys, that most of their employees live in the Valley and are commuting long distances to work. Most employers are interested in newer, higher quality and creative office space of the type we will be developing, as opposed to vacant office space currently on the market. The WC2035 Plan’s market study also found that Warner Center will likely attract at least 7,000 new households (and potentially as many as 21,000 new households) by 2035, generating a significant need for new housing. Promenade 2035 is a long-range plan that will develop office and housing over a long-time horizon, to meet this market demand as it increases.

The Warner Center 2035 EIR fully analyzed traffic for the full build-out of the Warner Center Plan and identified 97 transportation mitigation measures to address traffic impacts. Westfield is contributing approximately $7 million in Mobility Fees to help fund transportation improvement measures as part of the Warner Center Plan.

In addition to the Warner Center 2035 EIR, the Promenade 2035 Supplemental Draft EIR analyzed 49 intersections and six different time periods, including one weekday morning period, three weekday evenings, and Saturday afternoon and evenings to fully analyze the potential impacts of the Entertainment and Sports Center. That is four more time periods than the standard weekday AM and PM peak periods usually analyzed.

The Draft EIR indicated that the Project would not result in significant traffic impacts at full build-out, including during non-event AND sold-out event days at the Entertainment and Sports Center. This includes the implementation of all mitigation measures and the Entertainment and Sports Center’s Event Management Plan.

To be conservative, the Draft EIR also indicated that there might be a significant impact to neighborhood street segments after operation of Phases 1-3 in the form of neighborhood intrusion, which would be determined after conducting traffic counts in the neighborhood before and after operation of the Project. If significant impacts are determined, then a neighborhood protection plan would be created which would need neighbors’ approval and would be funded by the Project’s Mobility Fees.

Beyond the WC2035 mitigation measures, Westfield is implementing additional transportation improvements to improve circulation and flow in and around the Promenade site, getting cars off the street and into the property efficiently, including adding an additional northbound lane along the Topanga Canyon Boulevard frontage.

In addition, an Event Management Plan for the Entertainment and Sports Center will be implemented which will address parking and traffic operations during events. Finally, the Project also includes a Transportation Demand Management plan to incentivize the use of transit, bicycles, carpools and other alternatives to single-driver car trips.

School impacts were analyzed as part of the Warner Center EIR and it was determined that as properties are developed and approved, each property would be required to pay a fee to address school impacts.  These fees are based upon a square footage calculation of residential, commercial and parking.  Promenade’s fees would be approximately $6 million to be paid to LAUSD.

The release of the Promenade 2035 Supplemental Draft EIR is a major milestone in the overall public review and approval process. The City will circulate this Supplemental Draft EIR for a 45-day public review and comment period. A Final EIR will be prepared which responds to each and every public comment received. After the Final EIR is published, the City will hold public hearings that include additional opportunities for community members to provide input. In addition to the formal City process, we have also been meeting with community groups, stakeholders and individuals since we announced the Project to seek feedback. We are committed to a process of engagement and transparency with the community, and ensuring that Promenade 2035 is the product of extensive public input.

We agree with the City that a detailed environmental analysis of the Promenade 2035 Project and the mix of uses, including the Entertainment and Sports Center, would be important to help fully identify the mitigations that are needed to minimize the impacts to the community. In addition, we feel it is an important next step to further the dialogue with our neighbors and provide assurances that this Project has been fully analyzed.

The inclusion of the Entertainment and Sports Center versus more retail, housing or office, creates less daily traffic in the morning and afternoon peak hours. The Supplemental Draft EIR fully analyzes the proposed Entertainment and Sports Center in the areas of noise, lighting, traffic, parking and construction, and addresses its impacts through sound and lighting design features and an Event Management Plan. The design includes state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology that directs sound and light into Center to maximize excitement in the venue and minimize impacts outside.

Key Event Management Plan measures include:

  • Additional northbound lane along Topanga Canyon Blvd
  • Dedicated speed ramps into Entertainment and Sports Center parking
  • Vehicle access points on all four streets surrounding Promenade property with subterranean parking connected across site with single parking operator
  • 17 different lanes to enter site with 4 signalized driveways
  • Pre-sale/pre-paid parking with assigned parking facilities, so people can drive directly to their assigned parking space
  • Traffic announcements and updates sent to guest cell phones
  • Ridesharing services, passenger drop-off and bus zones
  • Changeable message signs on freeway and arterial streets
  • Coordination with LADOT and Traffic Management Center to adjust traffic signal timing based on real-time traffic information
  • Traffic Control Officers
  • Coordination with Metro to optimize transit service and frequency during events

The Promenade 2035 Supplemental Draft EIR builds on the thorough environmental analysis completed for the Warner Center 2035 Plan. We are pleased to report that the Promenade 2035’s Supplemental Draft EIR demonstrates that the Project furthers WC2035’s goal to be one of the cleanest and greenest community plans in all of Los Angeles.

After a thorough analysis of all study areas, the Draft EIR indicated that at full build-out, the Project would result in only four significant impacts after mitigation in the areas of Air Quality, Historical Resources, Off-site Noise and potential Neighborhood Traffic Intrusion.

In each of these areas the Project has identified mitigation measures to minimize the impact including state-of-the-art construction equipment that will reduce emissions by 95%, sound walls to minimize noise from construction activity, and developing a neighborhood protection plan, if necessary, to protect from cut-through traffic.